If you’re shopping for a home right now, you’re likely looking at several properties. While this is great news for prospective buyers, there are five essential things you should look for when you walk through a home you’re interested in: 

1. The roof’s condition. When entering or exiting a property, take a moment to look up and check out the roof. While you can’t always tell if a roof is well-maintained by looks alone, missing or warped shingles are signs that the roof has been neglected. 

2. Rust. Check any major appliances in the home for signs of rust or any type of neglect. This means the HVAC system, the water heater, the vents, and other things of that nature.

“If there are multiple listings on a given street, there might be a good reason why.”

3. Warping. Examine the angles of the rooms and the corners of the doors. If they’re tilted or warped a little, this could indicate settlement issues with the foundation. 

4. Moisture. If the home smells musty or the wood around the windows is soft or rotted, there is likely some sort of moisture leak from a pipe, an improperly fitted or warped window, or a funky foundation. 

5. Numerous listings. If there are lots of listings on a given street, there might be a good reason why. Do your research before purchasing a property in an area others may be trying to get away from. 

If you have any questions about what to look for in a home you’re thinking of buying or you have any other real estate needs, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. I’d be happy to help you.