If you suffer from seasonal allergies, making a few changes in your home can reduce that suffering. Spring is here, which is a perfect time to freshen the air inside your home. 

Here are five tips to maintain great indoor air quality for your home:

1. Use allergen-rated filters. Besides making sure your air filters are changed on an appropriate schedule, using a high-quality filter rated for allergen filtration will help clean the air as it cycles through your home. 

2. Consider using an air cleaner. If those living in your home are experiencing negative health effects from invasive allergens, using an air cleaner in conjunction with a HEPA air filter for your HVAC system will dramatically increase the effectiveness of your home’s air filtration. 

“These tips will allow you to breathe easier at home.”

3. Install ultraviolet lamps. These can be installed inside the heating and cooling units to kill the mold and bacteria that may develop around the coil due to moisture. There are also lamps available that can sterilize the moving air. 

4. Ensure your home is properly ventilated. Bedrooms and kitchens need to be properly vented. Check your exhaust vents to make sure they’re unobstructed and working properly. 

5. Utilize a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the air, which helps prevent the development of mold and/or mildew. 

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